The Power of Visual Data is Beyond Exceptional

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The Power of Visual Data is Beyond Exceptional

* US Retail: Who's Growing? Who's Shrinking? (2 Charts)

* WFC - Houston, Do We Have a Problem? (1 Chart)

* BAC - More Bad Debt Getting Booked as Revenue Than Any Other Bank (1 Chart)

* C - What the Hell is Going on With "Unobservable & Significant" Liabilities? (One Chart) (1 Chart)

* Internet Retail: Who's Growing; Who Has the Margins? (1 Chart)

* Firms That Will Raise Wages, or Must Justify Why They Do Not (1 Chart)

* US Banks: Whose Got Loan Trouble? (1 Chart)

* IBM - Is This What it Looks Like When a Firm Gives Up? (5 Charts)

* TWTR - Stop the Non-sense; Growth is HUGE... But that's Not the Story. (4 Charts)

* TASR - This is What Explosive Growth and Efficiency Looks Like (6 Charts)

* BBRY - What the Risk of Obsolescence Looks Like (6 Charts)

* MSFT - Mega Cap Stock Ripping NOT Playing the Artificial "Stock Buy-back Game" (8 Charts)

* HLF - 4 Stunning Charts and Baffling Corporate Behavior (4 Charts)

* WMT - Troubling Trends May Signal US Consumer is Suffocating (4 Charts)

* How Stock Buy-backs Have Exploded the Stock Market (5 Charts)

* KNDI - What's Really Going On; What Measures Must Be Met from Earnings (8 Charts)

* GOGO - Earnings Preview: 4 Metrics GOGO Must Hit to Rise on Earnings. (8 Charts)

* SCTY - Unprecedented Risk Pricing; Stunning Equity Valuation. (8 Charts)

* KING - Unbelievable Charts and a More Unbelievable Stock Move; The Risk of Video Games (7 Charts)

* SSYS - Earnings Preview: Astonishing Trends and a Potentially Enormous Risk Mis-pricing (7 Charts)

* GPRO - Earnings Preview: What Will Surprise You and Where the Risk Lies (6 Charts)

* PLUG - Knowledge to Silence the Bull vs. Bear Megaphone (8 Charts)

* LNKD - Earnings Preview and the Measure that May Mean Everything (7 Charts)

* DDD - What's Really Going On; Facts and Knowledge to Make You Powerful (6 Charts)

* TWTR - Earnings Preview: The Trends that Define Absolutely Everything (6 Charts)

* MSFT - Earnings Preview: There is Good, Bad, and There is Something to Watch

* YELP - Earnings Preview and a Potential Enormous Risk Mispricing

* NFLX - Earnings Preview: An Unprecedented Risk Collapse; An Unprecedented Growth Expectation (5 Charts)

* Nationalized Capitalism Has Created the Largest Firm in the World... and 6 of the Top 12 (One Chart)

* TWTR - The Quandary That is Twitter in One-Chart

* FEYE - Incredible Charts Show Huge Risk and a Firm Like No Other (5 Charts)

* GTAT - The Surprise that Wasn't; The Retribution from AAPL that May Have Been (5 Charts)

* GS - Stunning Charts You Simply Won't Believe... and Then You Will (6 Charts)

* ISRG - Stunning Visualizations Pinpoint Hidden Risk (5 Charts)

* FB - There is No Other Mega Cap Like it; Astonishing Visualizations (Six Charts)

* MCD - "Lovin It" or Hate It... This is How Big McDonald's Is (One Chart)

* BABA - Silence the Noise; Introduction to Facts & Glaring Questions (Five Charts)

* JCP - The Risk of Irrelevance and the Bet Against It (Six Charts)

* Mega Caps - This is What Enormous Means (One-Chart)

* CLF - A Picture Paints a Thousand Words & 90% Stock Drop (Five Charts)

* Micro Cap Biotechs: Where is the Next Blockbuster Drug Coming From? (One-Chart)

* AAPL - This is How Big Apple Is (One Chart)

* BBRY - This is What Obsolescence Looks Like... Or is It? (8 Charts)

* MSFT - Stock Booms and May Keep Booming (1 Chart)

* Airline Industry: Who's Growing & Keeping the Growth (1 Chart)

* TWTR - A Whirlwind of Contradictions and Two-tailed Risk (8 Charts)

* Retail Companies: One Chart Tells Us Everything

* GS - Four Charts That Question a Stock Price at 5-Year Highs

* X-Y Factor: Small Cap Biotech Like You've Never Seen Before (1 Chart)

* X-Y Factor & Mega Caps: Let Me Show You Unbelievable (1 Chart)

* X-Y Factor & Technology: Let Me Show You Unbelievable (1 Chart)

* TXMD - A Wild Stock May be Driven By a Tame Measure (7 Charts)

* Southwest Airlines (LUV) - Four Charts Explain a 150% One-Year Rise

* PCLN - How it Became a Giant of Technology in Four Charts; And One Chart May Mirror the Stock Price

* Mega Cap Technology: How the Big 10 Compare in Eight Remarkable Charts

* MDT - Revenue Drives Stock to All-time 30-year High (2 Charts)

* Z - Six Charts to Challenge Any Conviction

* GPRO - Love it or Hate It, You Haven't Seen GPRO Like This (5 Charts)

* FEYE - Four Charts Point to Two Opposing Phenomena. Is FEYE Ready to Move?

* AMZN is Making a Huge Bet. Four Charts that Might Shock You and a Risk Pricing that Will

* HD - From Bust to Boom; Why the Stock Hit-All Time Highs in Two Charts

* GTAT - One of the Most Compelling Stories For R&D Investment in Five Charts

* MOMO & SOCL Stocks: Best & Worst in Five Charts

* FUEL - Stunning Charts Reveal Risk in a Risk Malaise Environment

* NFLX - One Chart That Defines the Stock Price... Exactly

* AAPL - Is R&D Pushing the Stock to All-time Highs? (Two Charts)

* GOGO - Four Charts That Point to a Risk Mis-pricing

* FB - How Facebook Hit an All-time High & Became a Giant of Technology

* SSYS - Option Market Risk Hits All-time Lows. What's Going on in SSYS?

* GOOGL - The Most Powerful Chart You've Ever Seen: An Imperfect Valuation?

* Large Cap Technology: The Firms That Are Beyond Exceptional

* AAPL - The Most Powerful Chart You've Ever Seen: A Perfect Valuation

* PLUG - Is Not in Equilibrium. Let me Show You Why & Then Something You Won't Believe

* Small Cap Technology: The Power of Visual Data is Beyond Exceptional

* DDD - Why the Stock is Stuck & Why the Option Market May Be Dead Wrong

* DDD, SSYS - The 3D Printing Stock Phenomenon, In Four Images

* TWTR - Everything You Know May be Wrong & Six Facts that Will Rock You to Your Core

* TSLA - Ten Charts that Will Challenge Your Conviction & Everything Else You Know

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