Thursday, July 31, 2014

* Collapsing Momentum in 3-Charts; Why Today Was Predictable; Why The Bull May Not be Dead

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This is a post dedicated to market internals, and even more myopically, market momentum.  The drop in the market of late (and today in particular) is not a surprise for those that read this post from the weekend:

Preparation: Must Know for the Week to Come; Must Know from Last Week

I'm going to share three charts and one table (all from  But none of it matters to me... except for one...

First, a summary:

Provided by BarChart

Essentially every measure of momentum with respect to daily moving averages (dma) was at or over 70% as of one-month ago.  Look at that last line boxed in blue: 20dma, 50dma, 200dma.

And today, at the top of that chart, those numbers are all below 50%.  Scary?... Well here's a chart:

Provided by BarChart

This chart puts in a picture the last year of the 20 day moving average.

  • Today: 23% above 20-dma
  • Last Month: 70% above 20-dma
  • 52 wk Low: ~17%
Does this scare me?... No.

The 20-dma is very volatile as we can see in the chart and in fact has been substantially lower in the last year while the market has gone up.

Now a chart of the 50-dma for the last year.

Provided by BarChart

  • Today: 32% above 50-dma
  • Last Month: 77% above 50-dma
  • 52 wk Low: ~29%
Does this scare me?... No.

The 50-dma is also volatile, although certainly not as much a the 20-dma.  The 50-dma has also been lower in the last year.

And finally, the 200-dma chart.

Provided by BarChart

  • Today: 47% above 50-dma
  • Last Month: 68% above 50-dma
  • 52 wk Low: Right Now (prior was 52%)
Note how the 200-dma chart is much less volatile than the shorter time periods.  Note also how the 200-dma is well into a new annual low. 

This one matters to me b/c the annual low was still above 50%. 'Was'... But:
  • This number hit 36% in Nov 2012
  • This number hit 9% in Oct 2011
So, a one-year chart looks awful, but a three-year chart actually looks pretty stable.

Does this 200-dma chart scare me?... No.

In fairness, very little scares me in the market other than huge up swings (how odd is that?).

Does this mean anything? I believe it does. This move down has been building for several weeks (see all three charts) and is on the back of:
  • Economic Data
  • Earnings Data
  • Geopolitical Fears
I believe #3 is the biggest catalyst and we have no idea what that will do in the future.  We do know in the past, it has been 'much a do about nothing' (thanks William).  In other words, the market has shrugged it toff and then risen higher.

This time... I believe it will not be the end of the world (hyperbole of course).
But last time I did... and I was dead wrong.

When will the bull end (in my opinion)? Watch. The. Rates.

This is trade analysis, not a recommendation.

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