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* CYNK - Is this the Most Egregious Capital Markets Scheme Ever?

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Original Post: 7-9-2014
CYNK is up 118.85%.  The Stock Quote Detail is included below.

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Update: 7-10-2014

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Update: 7-11-2014
The stock has finally been halted.

Update: 7-25-2014
The stock has finally been opened.

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As expected, the stock is down over 90% from its peak and 82% today.  It will go lower, eventually to near zero in my opinion.

Back to 7-11-2014 and the full story

Here is the SEC Release No. 72594 / July 11, 2014

Cynk Technology Corp., a development stage company, focuses on operating a social network. Its social network is based on showing the types of people the user is connected with and associated.

ZeroHedge brought  this to my attention via Twitter, so I dug a little deeper, basically b/c I couldn't believe what I read. But this seems to be true:

A 'social network' firm with 1 employee, $0 revenue, $0 in assets, six years old is now worth $6B (updated 7-10-2014) and is up ~30,000% (updated 7-10-2004) in two months. What?

7-10-2014: TechCrunch just caught on (albeit a day and a half late):
Tech Company With $39 In Assets Now Worth More Than $6B
Haven’t heard of CYNK? You are not alone. Despite having a valuation higher than Groupon’s, CYNK is an unknown. That’s because when it comes to being a real business, it isn’t. The ‘technology’ firm is in the midst of what appears to be a scheme to bounce its shares north, swindling those who buy into the company at inflated prices to the benefit of those orchestrating its rise.

Here's the stock chart.

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We can see it is up ~16,000% to a market cap above $3B in less than two-months.
Update: One day later (7-10-2014) the stock is trading above $20 with a market cap > $6 billion.

Why is this weird (beyond the obvious)?

The company has:
* Revenue: $0
* Assets: $39 (no zeros omitted)
* 1 Employee
* Existed since 2008

With all due respect, what's going on here?

Full article from Seeking Alpha here:
CYNK Technology: Promoters Push Market Cap To $655 Million Despite $39 In Assets And No Revenue; 100% Downside

Note the date of that article is June 18th, 2014.

I called "Investor Relations" at 424.225.2783.  First attempt got a busy signal. Second attempt straight to voicemail.


I must be missing something, right? Help?

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  1. Ophir, I think this is a new twist on the pump and dump, specifically designed to lure retail shorts to their death. Look at this article from desperately seeking alpha, I think it traded down to 2 dollars around this time :

    which is deeply similar to this article about LOTE from a while back: