Thursday, February 4, 2010

Deutsche Bank (DB) - Earnings Vol & Skew Update

DB is trading 60.19, down 6% after earnings this morning with a crashing market. The LIVEVOL™ Pro Summary is below. The link to the first blog is HERE

The company has traded over 4,500 options today on total daily average option volume of 1,464. The Company Tab snapshot is below (click the image to enlarge).

You can see the IV30™ is up 3 points today or 6.7%. So what's so interesting about that? DB had earnings this morning - the vol crush never happened. It seems that the broader market problems are having a greater impact on this large financial than its company specific news. The skew is included below as is the skew from yesterday.

Note that - well - they look the same. Earnings vol isn't always a sale for several reasons - usually b/c the earnings move could be greater than the IV indicated. Here's another reason - the vol went up and the stock moved 6%. A good example to remember - it wasn't intended, but it worked out pretty well as an illustration.

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