Monday, December 15, 2014

* Oil & Gas: How Big is it... Really, and Who's Losing Money?

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I have a full blown article surrounding the Oil & Gas Sector coming out on MarketWatch this week, but for now let's just look at two visualizations to get us warmed up.

On the x-axis we have charted total revenue and on the y-axis we have charted total assets. The bubbles are colored by region of the world.

Provided by Capital Market Laboratories

It may surprise you, but the largest oil and gas companies in the world are mostly in Europe (red bubbles). In total, this sector comprises over $7.6 trillion in revenue and about $8.4 trillion in assets.

In an effort to find a possible list of companies to ‘avoid’, let’s now turn to the mega cap portion of this sector, those companies that have a market cap above $20 billion.

On the x-axis we have total revenue, 2-year growth % and on the y-axis we have plotted net income, 2-year growth %. We have only included the firms with both negative growth in revenue and negative growth in net income.

Provided by Capital Market Laboratories

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