Wednesday, December 3, 2014

* IBM - Is This What it Looks Like When a Firm Gives Up?

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Over the last four-years IBM stock has been essentially unchanged... and so has cash from operations, investment in research & development and net income.  In fact, the only earnings effort that seems to be is simply tax management.  Is this what it looks like when a mega cap It firm gives up?

Revenue (TTM) vs. Net Income (TTM)
Over the long run, there has been a very nice increase in net income for IBM (the red line), but in the last four-years, there's been zero growth from endpoint-to-endpoint.

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Net Income (TTM) vs. Effective Tax Rate
The only real strategy that IBM seems to be implementing successfully is lowering its tax bill from 35% to 15%.  Now that the tax management strategy may have peaked, it appears so have earnings.

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Cash from Operations (TTM)
Over the last four years, cash from operations are actually down.

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Cash from Operations vs Stock Price
This is the same data, but the orange line is the stock price.  We see total stagnation.

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Research & Development vs Stock Price
Perhaps the most disheartening of all the images... IBM hasn't spent a single dollar more on R&D as its stock price has not participated in the bull rally... at all.

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