Saturday, August 30, 2014

* Apple (AAPL) - The Most Powerful Chart You've Ever Seen: A Perfect Valuation

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The Power of Visual Data; Beyond Exceptional

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There's one chart, as simple as it comes, of AAPL total revenue (TTM) to its stock price over the last 10-years from which make we could make an argument that not only have we found a perfect valuation methodology for AAPL, but that AAPL is priced perfectly, right now.

AAPL stock price tracks total revenue (TTM) remarkably closely.  When the stock price gets out of whack (above or below) relative to the revenue chart, it has always come back to equilibrium. Right now the two charts are literally on top of each other.

Details on Trailing Twelve Months (TTM):
Last 4 Quarters of AAPL revenue in thousands:
37432000, 45646000, 57594000, 37472000.
Sum = 178144000

What if we could look at 25,000 public companies in every region of the world (including frontier and emerging markets) and every financial, earnings & growth measure against stock price, against a custom peer group, in a time series or point-in-time, with charts that have 'living animated data' that moves, breathes, deletes and appears at your command? 

We can... and now we do.

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The Power of Visual Data is Beyond Exceptional

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  1. Great chart and company! Is it a buy, sell or hold at this price! Thanks, Mike

    1. I can't give advice, but chart seems to point to fair value.

  2. What does the number 180K signify? I don't understand what Metric is being used. Latest revenue figure is $170.87 Billion.

    1. Last 4 Quarters of AAPL revenue in thousands:
      37432000, 45646000, 57594000, 37472000. Sum = 178144000
      The revenue numbers are Trailing Twelve Months (TTM)

    2. It should really be revenue in millions. If the number were in thousands, it should have been 180m since 180 m*k = 180b is AAPL TTM revenue