Thursday, May 19, 2011

Livevol® Securities Is Here

Are you a subscriber to Livevol® Pro, Livevol® Excel, Livevol® Market Scanner or Report Builder? Wouldn’t it be nice to integrate your trading analytics and brokerage services? Now you can. We’re excited to announce the launch of our broker-dealer, Livevol® Securities.

Livevol Securities offers professional traders the ability to leverage all of the services Livevol has to offer in an intelligent commission structure. Benefit from risk based portfolio margin with account minimums as low as $125,000, clearing is offered through Merrill Lynch Professional Clearing Corp and Penson Financial Services.

You can visit the Livevol® Securities website here:
Livevol® Securities

Risk Based Portfolio MarginDirect Market AccessRisk Management Technology
Multi-Prime Brokerage ServicesAccess to Complex Order BookLivevol Market Scanner (LVRB)
Global Custodies Securities LendingCustom Execution AlgorithmLivevol®Pro
Agency ExecutionHigh Frequency Trading SolutionsLivevol®’s Proprietary Database
Transaction Cost AnalysisLivevol® Excel
Livevol® Historical Data

Clearing is offered through Merrill Lynch Professional Clearing Corp (NYSE: BAC) and Penson Financial Services (NASDAQ: PNSN).

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