Friday, November 19, 2010

UPDATE: SPY, AMZN - One Day Trade Analysis

SPY is trading $119.53, down 0.4% about 10 minutes after the open. The LIVEVOL™ Pro Summary is below.


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Yesterday I posted this blog:SPY - One Day Skew Trade.

Specifically we looked at:
Buy the Nov 26 weekly 119 put for $0.59 and sell the Nov monthly 119 put @ $0.18. This spread pays $0.41. I like this trade for a few reasons: ...snip...

I have included the Options Tab as of the open (ish).

As of this snapshot, the Nov 26 (W) 119 put can be sold @ $0.75 and the Nov monthly can be purchased for $0.17. That's a $0.58 credit on a $0.41 bet. That's a nice gain on a low risk bet even after commissions, that's ~ $0.13 or 31%.

Similarly, we looked at a trade in AMZN for one day. You can read that post here:
Amazon (AMZN) - Short-term Skew Peaks on Market Fear. The Summary for AMZN as of ten minutes after the open is included below.

We analyzed:
Buy the Nov 26 weekly 155 put for $0.58 and Sell the Nov Monthly 155 put @ $0.14. Pay $0.44 for the one week spread. Look to close tomorrow possibly.

Let's look to the AMZN Options Tab:

As of this snapshot, the Nov 26 (W) 155 put can be sold @ $0.43
and the Nov monthly can be purchased for $.02. That's a $0.41 credit on a $0.44 bet. Adding commissions back, this was like a $0.07 loser... blah...

This is trade analysis, not a recommendation.

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