Tuesday, September 9, 2014

* Zillow (Z) - Six Charts to Challenge Any Conviction

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Z closed trading at $130.12, down 1.2% IV30™ down 1.0%. The Symbol Summary is included below.

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Disclosure: The hedge fund is short Zillow.

This is a quick note following some fundamental measures in Zillow (Z), some of which are: 
* Strikingly good
* Strikingly bad
* Strikingly consistent
* Strikingly correlated to stock price

At some point, very soon in my opinion, Z will reach a cross roads, and the stock will move with earnings.  For now, its moving with something else.

The stock chart is included below.

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Easy enough... the stock has exploded up.  It's now off of its highs, but still a huge MOMO return. Now it's time for the financial measures...

Revenue (TTM) - Strikingly Good
Revenue growth has been incredible, rising from ~$30M (ttm) to now over a quarter billion dollars. Remember this chart, we'll see it again in bit with some more 'flavor.'

Total Assets - Strikingly Good
It's not just revenue that is exploding, but also total assets.  The firm now carries over $600M of assets on its balance sheet.

Gross Margin % - Strikingly Consistent
Z gross margin% has been consistent for quite some time and the level is very high.  As of the current period we're looking at gross margin % of ~ 85%.  That's phenomenal.

Operating Revenue / Operating Expenses - Strikingly Bad
This is one of my favorite measures, because it's so easy to understand.  A firm must earn more than $1 in operating revenue for every dollar in operating expense  in order to be profitable.  We can see Z was above that magical threshold line, and now has fallen well below.  The firm pays ~$1.10 for every $1 in revenue.

Net Income (Earnings) - Strikingly Bad... sort of
Z was showing a profit for several quarters, but has gone from a trailing twelve month net income high of ~$7M to now a loss of $15M.  This is "sort of" bad for two reasons:

1. Both numbers are small.
2. This firm is focusing on growth, so the bottom line will be sacrificed... for a while.

Total Revenue to Stock Price - Strikingly Correlated
The chart below shows us total revenue (blue) to stock price (orange).  For now the stock market is valuing Z on its revenue growth.  That will change at some point... and I believe that point is right around now.

This is trade analysis, not a recommendation.

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