Monday, December 28, 2009

3 Par Inc (PAR) - Takeover Rumors

PAR is a $500 million data storage company. You can see the LIVEVOL™ Pro summary below. The stock is up 10% and vol is up over 11% as well on takeover rumors.

The company averages 296 option contracts traded a day. In the first 2 hours over 1,000 have traded. You can see the Option Tab snaphot below (click the image to enlarge it). ~650 Jan 12.5 calls have traded (and ~50 Jan 10 calls) accounting for the majority of the volume today.

The OI on the Jan 12.5 calls is just 20 - so these are opening orders. It looks like someone is bidding up and buying these calls.

I am usually not a big fan of these "takeover rumors" as they seem too often to be utterly nothing. Having said that, the analysis coming from Barron's and it being so slow before the new year, I am compelled to share it briefly. You can read the story below from the News Tab (click the image to enlarge it). $20 price tag is thrown around.

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